Special Session: Hierarchical and Multi-Layer Fuzzy Logic Systems in Modelling, Control and Automation


Organizer: Masoud Mohammadian



This session has been accepted for the FUZZ-IEEE 2020 conference which will be held as part of the 2020 IEEE WCCI in Glasgow, UK at July 19-24, 2020.


With increased application of fuzzy logic in complex control systems there is a need for a structured methodological approach in the development of fuzzy logic systems. Current fuzzy logic systems are developed based on individualistic bases and cannot face the challenge of interacting with other (fuzzy) systems in a dynamic environment.


Objectives and Scope


The aim of this special session is to present cutting-edge research and novel methods for development of fuzzy systems that can interact with other (fuzzy) systems is proposed.


Specifically, methods for designing hierarchical, multi-layer and self-learning fuzzy logic systems based on the integration of computational intelligence methods such as neural networks, genetic algorithms and evolutionary computing to provide an integrated knowledge base for intelligent control of fuzzy logic systems.


Topics Include (but not limited to):

Neural Fuzzy Logic Control,

Fuzzy Evolutionary Control,

Adaptive Fuzzy Control Systems for Modelling and Automation

Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Systems for Prediction and applications in Industry, Finance and Economics

Adaptive and Optimal Control Using Multi-Layer Fuzzy Logic Systems for Robotics and Automation


Hybrid Systems

Fuzzy Evolutionary Systems,

Fuzzy Expert Systems, Fuzzy Neural Systems,

Neural Genetic Systems,

Neural-Fuzzy-Genetic Systems,

Hybrid Systems for Optimisation


Case-Based Reasoning,

Decision Analysis,

Intelligent Databases & Information Retrieval,

Dynamic Systems Modelling,

Decision Support Systems, \Multi-criteria Decision Making,

Qualitative and Approximate-Reasoning Modelling



Papers submitted for special sessions are to be peer-reviewed with the same criteria used for the rest of contributed papers. As a result, all accepted papers will be included in the proceedings of the FUZZ-IEEE 2020. If you are interested in taking part on this special session, please submit your paper directly through the WCCI web site selecting the option "Main research topic": Special Session on Software for Soft Computing. You can find further information related to the submission process and important dates at conference web site.

Organizers and Contact



Organizer Contact

Masoud Mohammadian

School of IT and Systems

Faculty of Science and Technology

University of Canberra, Canberra, Australia

Email address: Masoud.mohammadian@canberra.edu.au

Telephone number: +61262012917